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About Decors By Nikita

My creativity developed from helping at  Carnival Mas Camps as a little girl with my dad. Over the years, I continued to assist friends and family members with planning weddings and other celebratory events. After having my daughter, our kindergarten box cars and birthday celebrations became more and more elaborate. This has now evolved into Decors by Nikita. At Decors by Nikita, we are dedicated to bringing clients’ dreams to reality, creating memorable moments for the big and small events, focusing on every little detail.


Uniqueness and Differentiation of Services

We take your event preparations off your shoulders but never out of your hands. That starts with a personal consultation where we get to know our clients – their style, their stories. Then we combine meticulous planning with impeccable attention to detail to plan the special event of their dreams, leaving our clients free to relax and enjoy the celebration.


  • Customer-focused

  •  Unique offerings

  • Flexibility

  • Variety



Our mission is to bring clients’ dreams to reality for both big and small event through exquisite backdrop


Our vision is to be a top contender in the event planning industry and continuously build a customer base.

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